How to Generate Traffic to Your New Website

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So, you’ve worked hard on web design and development and got a brand-new website. It even has that new website smell.

Now it’s time to start driving the right traffic to it!

It’s always important before choosing a web design agency to plan out how you’ll be marketing your new website. You should pick the channels that will get you the best results. If you’ve got no idea where to begin, here’s our tips to get you started.


PPC Advertising

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a great first port of call. PPC advertising allows you to instantly appear on the top of search results pages and get your brand right in front of your target market – based on keyword targeting.

Any clicks and conversion actions, such as a sale or enquiry, on your website can be recorded, allowing you to calculate ROI. Tip: remember to always keep an eye on your budgets and targeting to make sure that you’re a) advertising to the right audience and b) not overspending.



Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of increasing the visibility of your website on search engine results pages. Unlike PPC, SEO allows users to find your website naturally without having to pay for clicks. It does, however, take some time for your website to be ranked organically – unlike PPC.


Types of SEO include:

  • Local SEO – if you’re a local business and want to be found online, we’d recommend a Google My Business page. Users searching for your industry will see your business information such as location, contact details and opening hours. We’ve compiled a local business SEO guide you may find useful.
  • Mobile SEO – ensuring your website is mobile-friendly is now a factor when Google chooses to rank your website. Before starting the web design and development process you should always consider mobile factors such as user behaviour and page load times.
  • Technical SEO – the technical side of SEO (funnily enough called technical SEO) involves ensuring your website can be found by search engines. One good tip is to enter in a search engine to see if your website is listed – if not, your website isn’t being found. If you’re stuck in a technical SEO bind, you can read about our technical SEO services and request a free audit.


Social Media

Social media is great for engaging directly with your users and talking about your new website. If your website caters to business users, LinkedIn or Twitter is your best bet. Otherwise Facebook or Instagram is better for consumers. It can be tempting to simply post your website link as much as possible, but good quality and engaging content is what drives the best visits!


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