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Our Favourite April Fools Marketing Pranks

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Every year on 1st April, marketing teams across the world get another opportunity to play creative practical jokes and spread hoaxes. Here’s Upperdog’s favourite April Fools marketing pranks:

Deliveroo – Telepathic Food Ordering







Don’t have time to push buttons or swipe your phone? Use Deliveroo’s TeleOrder Tech to order your food telepathically!

Deliveroo apparently consulted with “leading neuroscientists” to “allow our customers to use their app using brainwaves alone”. As firm fans of Deliveroo, we at Upperdog hope this marketing prank becomes a reality in the not-too-distant future!


Honda – Emoji License Plates







Honda’s plans for emoji registration plates certainly raised an eye or two after their research found that 97% of UK consumers “use emojis as their primary method of expressing an emotion in text messages”. Honda’s answer: a new license plate using emojis to appeal to the younger market.

The world’s first plates are due for release this year – so keep your eyes peeled on the road!


Analog Watch Co. – The Lunar Watch







Nothing adds more style to your look than a fashionable watch – which is why Analogue Watch Co. have announced their new line of lunar watches made from genuine moon rock.

Precision cut from stone collected from the surface of the moon, these beautiful hand-crafted watches start at a reasonable $27,500. But hurry, because there’s only 25 made!


Samsung – The Internet of Trousers Fashion Range








In this increasingly connected world, Samsung have capitalised on smart technologies to create an exciting new range of… smart-trousers.

Key features include Wi-Fly; alerting you to leaving your flies undone, informing you of prolonged periods of inactivity and even signalling your fridge to lock itself if it detects your waist gets too big!


Honourable mention: Gmail’s Mic Drop Feature







Google’s “Gmail Mic Drop” was set to be a hilarious prank on unsuspecting Gmail users – a new button was added that allowed users to send an animated gif of a minion dropping a microphone to “end” the conversation.

Unfortunately, the prank backfired, as a bug accidentally sent the animation when clicking the standard “send” button. The humorous feature was unintentionally used in important business correspondence and other serious emails – it was reported that people even lost their jobs over the miscommunication! The feature was quickly pulled.


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