Facebook Launches New App: Facebook Local

What are you doing tonight? Don't worry, there's an app for that!

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First there was the Facebook app, then they moved Messenger to a standalone app, and then in 2017 they introduced a third app for us to add to our collection: Facebook Events. This year, the app has been rebranded to “Facebook Local” and is now available in the UK.

Structured as a go-to resource for determining your going out plans, the app is “powered by the people you know and trust.”

So, what is Facebook Local?

Essentially, it’s a search engine that’s source is Facebook’s business pages, friend’s check-ins and event interest, as well as reviews to help you to plan your night out, future gigs and day trips. Full of suggestions and broken down into categories, Facebook Local is easy to use and makes searching for places and things to do a much simpler process.

The app uses your location to show you events near you, including those that are hosted by pages you follow, restaurants and gigs that your friends are attending, like or have reviewed. The app itself has 3 tabs: Home, Notifications and Calendar. The latter two are fed by these tabs within Facebook, but they’ve been filtered to be solely dedicated to events.


If you use Snapchat, this app features some familiarity for you; it has a map feature that allows you to see where your friends are. No more FOMO!

Still new to the UK, this app has people asking questions which we’re here to demystify.

How is Facebook Local different to Facebook Events?

  • The app has a search engine and map feature
  • It’s powered by what your friends are doing, have done and are interested in
  • You can sort by opening times, which is great for any last-minute plans
  • You can view the location, reviews and information easily in one place (and one tap)
  • You can see where your friends are
  • It has a dedicated calendar for events, saving you filtering through the merged events/birthdays section within Facebook
  • It’s easier for tourists to be aware of local events

What are the benefits of Facebook Local for businesses?

The marketing efforts you put into your business will be across another app, and due to the location targeting, your business will be put in front of relevant people who have more potential to convert to a customer.


What does Facebook Local mean for businesses adding events within the Facebook platform?

As Facebook Local data derives from Facebook itself, events should still be added to business pages on Facebook and boosted through the platform.

Will the event boosting and targeting I’ve paid for using the Facebook app and desktop appear?

The last statement that we found from Facebook regarding advertisements within the app declared that there isn’t any at the moment but there may be in the future. So for now, if you pay for Facebook advertising it won’t appear within Facebook Local. However, Facebook Local works similarly to Facebook, in that content deemed ‘popular’ will appear. So, in summary, it’s still important to use Facebook advertising, as the more awareness for your event – and your business – will result in increased attendees, reviews and ‘likes’, which will help you to appear on the app.

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