How to Create Facebook Dynamic Creative Ads

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Creating new assets can take up a considerable amount of your Facebook ad management time. Sometimes it can be difficult to test new ad copy, images, call to actions and evaluate the results. But Facebook has a new tool to help Facebook advertising agencies and companies creating their own adverts: Dynamic Creative ads.

What is Dynamic Creative?

Dynamic creative is designed to automatically select the best ad creative to suit the user. First, you supply Facebook with a range of videos, text and calls to action. Then you select your target market and set your budget. Facebook will then create multiple ad variants, determine which combination works best for your audience and show them that version of your ad.

This is a great way for PPC agencies and in-house teams to gather new insights on which creative elements perform best for your audience.

How do I create Dynamic Creative ads?

The first step is to create your campaign. Dynamic creative ads can be used for conversion, traffic and app install objective campaigns. Dynamic creative is also supported across Facebook, Instagram and the audience network.

Create a new ad set, as normal. Save your ad set, but do not publish it! Dynamic creative is unavailable on ad sets that have been published or duplicated. Then select the ‘Dynamic Creative’ button in the ad set list:

dynamic creative pay per click advertising

You can choose whether to post a single image or video advert.

Upload your choice of up to:

  • 10 different images or videos
  • 5 versions of body text
  • 5 versions of titles
  • 5 versions of descriptions
  • 5 different calls-to-action

Finish and publish your ad campaign as normal. Facebook will then post the multiple variants of your ads while you sit and wait for the results. If you are unsure the best way to create a dynamic ad, contact your social media agency for advice.

dynamic creative social media advertising
Source: Facebook

Does Dynamic Creative Work?

Apparently. Facebook provide a range of dynamic creative case studies to demonstrate how they can improve performance. For example, international hotel chain, Melia Hotels, used dynamic ads to appeal to a broad audience to increase their new customer acquisition in the UK. The received a huge 2.8 x return on ad spend, compared to their previous campaigns.

Our social media marketing experts recommend using the dynamic creative strategy when your campaign objective is to attract potential customers in the middle or bottom of the sales funnel. You can choose to show the best version of an advert to those who already know your brand or remarketing products/services they have previously viewed on your website.

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