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Upperdog’s Top 5 Dog Blogs!

Zhara Woods
Zhara Woods Founder
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Dogs blogs are the source of a fantastic array of dogspiration where the team at Upperdog discover countless ways to spoil Milo the office pup. When we’re not busy working on our SEO and web development projects, Milo loves to curl up on our lap and scroll through our favourite dog blogs – when he’s not eating or sleeping of course.

From tasty dog treats, the latest dog tech and howl worthy advice, check out our top 5 dog blogs:

Wag The Dog UK

This dog blog is full of useful tips and tricks to get the ball rolling (literally). Discover blog posts about good and bad nuts for dogs, how to prevent your dog from feeling jealous of a new pup, advice for taking your dog abroad and some of the coolest dog gadgets you can find. Through Wag The Dog UK, we discovered the DogStar, the world’s first dog emotion sensor that delivers reports of your dog’s emotion to your phone by analysing the wagging motion!

Alfie’s Blog

This dog’s blog is written from the perspective of Alfie, an Entlebucher Mountain dog who wants to help other dogs live well. Alfie is incredibly well travelled, having visited Holland and recently moving from the UK to San Francisco for a life in the sun. He invented the sock game (which Milo is struggling to learn at the moment, he prefers the ‘bark at the phone’ game) and reports on many exciting experiences of his life, from hikes to adventures with his friends.

Crusoe the Celebrity Dachsundcrusoe-top-dog-blogs

Dachsunds are one of our favourite breeds; after all, Milo is a dachshund and Jack Russell cross! Crusoe has gained an impressive following (over 666,000 likes on Facebook) due to his many adventures, hilarious videos and impressive outfits on his dog blog and social media accounts. One day he’s a hunter in the snow and the next he’s a fully-fledged Jedi, airline pilot or sailor – who knows what career he will adopt next!


Dogs blog is a blog set up entirely for helping dogs that need adopting from all over the UK. Discover all the dogs that need adopting in your area, find your favourite breeds and find advice for dog adoption. Any blog that promotes adoption from rescue centres is a favourite of ours!

Your Dog

Your dog blog is a great source of doggy news, funny pictures and videos of dogs and helpful advice posts, such as the top 5 activities to do with your dog in 2016! There is a Dog Advice section dedicated entirely to answering any question a dog owner may have, such as ‘Why does my dog run off in the park?’



For more dog-related goodness or helpful digital marketing guides, take a look at some of our other posts or check out our Facebook page (Milo is a regular feature!) We’re masters at the digital marketing game and can get potential customers’ tails wagging for your website with our website design and development – so give us a call on 01202 798 820 or email bark@upperdog.co.uk to find out more.

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