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Creating the Perfect Facebook Post

Annabel Clark
Annabel Clark Marketing Director
Social Ads
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Facebook is a great social media platform for businesses to utilise when they want to get tails wagging for the people behind the business. It’s more informal than LinkedIn and Twitter, due to its 1.44 billion monthly active users sharing personal posts and pictures of their lives. It’s becoming increasingly common for consumers to want to see the face behind the brand and it’s in their best interests to do so. Regular updates of a blend of professional and personal topics will cumulate into a company personality that embodies your company’s ethos, voice and mission.

So how do you create the perfect Facebook post? Well, taking in to account varying industries and target markets we think there is no such thing – but we have sniffed out some top techniques to get you on the way:

1. Engage your audience with photos

Uploading a visual to your Facebook post gets 39% more interaction than without. Make sure your photo is eye catching and if you’re feeling brave why not try a video?

2. Shorten your URLs

Long URL’s aren’t visually appealing, and shorter posts get 23% more interaction. With a URL shortener you can also track clicks on each link.

3. Share a mix of posts

Post pictures of a team lunch or co-workers birthday one day, then an interesting industry related topic the next. Keep your audience entertained with varied content so they don’t get bored.

4. Plan the ideal time of day

Publishing before and after work hours receive more interaction, as well as receiving 25% more likes on Sundays. Test different post timings and see what is favoured by your audience.

5. Experiment with emoticons and hashtags

Posts with emoticons receive a 33% higher success rate and those with hashtags see 60% more interaction.

6. Use Facebook Insights

Measure how many users your posts are reaching, which genre of post is receiving more interaction and what demographic you’re targeting, as well as much more.

If you want to get your business on Facebook and elevate the reach of your posts, please talk to one our friendly pack members about our social media services in Bournemouth via email at hello@upperdog.co.uk or call us on 01202 798 820.

Pretty good, right?

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