The Best of Valentine’s Day Marketing

Love is online!

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Valentine’s Day. A time for a little romance. A time for displays of affection. A time for some opportunity marketing! We’ve put together a brief list of the best, most amusing Valentine’s Day marketing ploys that we’ve come across in our day to day goings on. From the witty to the outrageously blunt, here’s our top 5.

1. Ikea

Upperdog Valentine's Blog - Ikea
Source: Twitter

This Valentine’s Day advert is a cheeky nod from the Swedish flat-packers that was featured in papers just last year. Offering a free cot for babies born on the 14th of November, the ad is a shot at turning parents-to-be into sales-to-be.

2. Metro Trains Australia

Having previously used these hilarious little animations to hit home a message in a prior campaign called ‘Dumb Ways to Die’, Metro Trains Australia created another campaign with these two loveable blobs around Valentine’s Day.

3. Lurpak

Source: Twitter

We’re not entirely convinced this is a real ad from the Danish dairy dealers, but it makes for one hell of an image. Having appeared on Twitter, the image has since spread like butter around social media relentlessly, with the traditional motto of ‘Good Food Deserves Lurpak’ given a greasy Valentine’s Day spin.

4. Domino’s Pizza

Upperdog Valentine's Blog Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s took to the spicy world of digital dating with the Tinder app this Valentine’s Day. Popping up on your screen like an over-eager suitor for a slice of your affection, Domino’s posed the question “Fancy a Date with Domino’s?” to people scouting for love on the latest app craze. A little cheesy? Swipe left for ‘Nope’, swipe right for ‘Liked’.

5. Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

Upperdog Valentine's Blog

It wouldn’t be an Upperdog blog without a nod to our furry companions. Battersea Dogs & Cats Home released this image onto Facebook with the title ‘The Undateables’, jokingly highlighting the personal pet peeves of it’s sheltered animals. Whilst Battersea might not be very good at playing cupid, it’s got our vote for being light-heartedly stupid. Find out more about our digital marketing and web design services in Bournemouth and get in touch!