Our Top 5 Pizza Restaurants in Bournemouth

Pizza puns are so cheesy

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All our hard work as a digital agency in Bournemouth makes us hungry, and when we’re hungry, nothing hits the spot quite like pizza. Here’s our top 5 pizza restaurants in Bournemouth and why they just can’t be topped!

1. Baffi Neapolitan Pizza – Westbourne

Conveniently located just a stone’s throw from the Upperdog office, this restaurant in Westbourne specialises in Neapolitan authentic style pizzas and traditional Italian methods. Baffi cooks its pizzas on thin bases with large crusts at high temperatures for only a matter of minutes. Joel, one of our web developers especially recommends the “spicy nduja” pizza with red peppers.


2. The Wood Oven – Boscombe

The Wood Oven is, as the name suggests, a pizza restaurant that cooks its pizzas in a traditional wood oven. Pizzas can be eaten outside on the small deck with unrivalled views of the beach, or on the beach itself! One of our favourite features of The Wood Oven is the fact they offer home delivery *smirk*.

3. Franco Manca – Bournemouth

Fairly new to the pizza party, Franco Manca differentiates itself with its sourdough bases that are truly a unique experience that we encourage anybody who is curious to try! The slow rising sourdough results in a pizza with a soft crust and a flavour that is locked into the pizza throughout the duration of the cooking. With a selection of affordable pizzas, sides, and desserts, this is certainly one of our favourite pizzas if you’re in the town centre.



4. Da Mario – Westbourne

This Italian-owned hidden gem near Westbourne cooks its pizzas in a wood oven to be eaten in house or taken away and enjoyed at home. With over 25 different pizzas, and friendly, welcoming staff, Da Mario is a restaurant that if you visit, you will likely visit many more times in the future. In fact, all this writing is making me hungry! Da Mario Pizza tonight anyone?


5. Haskins Garden Centre – Ferndown

Pizza may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of a garden centre, but we love a wild card. Our developer and pro pizza critic Lloyd insists that the fresh stone baked pizzas here are not to be missed, especially with the fantastic deal of two for £10 every Thursday and Friday evening. Most Friday nights you can find Lloyd devouring a Haskins pizza and sipping a bottle of Ringwood ale, after a hard week of coding.



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