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The Best of April Fools Marketing Pranks

Zhara Woods
Zhara Woods Founder
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The 1st of April was a chance for marketing departments across the globe to showcase a little cruel creativity. Pranks, hoaxes, tricks and practical jokes – here’s Upperdog’s top 5 favourite April Fools marketing spoofs.

5. Samuel Adams – HeliYUM Beer

Boston beer brewers Samuel Adams added a dash of helium to their beverage to create one hilarious product video prank. Claiming to produce a ‘light mouth feel’, the game might have been given away when founder Jim Cook’s voice tripled in pitch after a small sip. Full marks for creativity though – we love the idea of blokes at a bar with super high voices. Comedy gold.

4. Domino’s – Edible Pizza Box


Domino’s featured in our Best of Valentine’s Day Marketing blog, and the pizza kings have served up another marketing stunt. This time round, Domino’s released the new concept of ‘snackaging’ and the ‘Edibox’ – an entirely edible pizza box. Though unless you want the fluff from the backseats of a Vauxhall Corsa as an added topping, you’d need a pizza box for the pizza box. Still looks tasty, doesn’t it?

3. Thorpe Park – Thorpe Bark


A simple tweet was enough for Thorpe Park to raise eyebrows and wag tails when they announced Thorpe Bark. As an alleged result of high demand, your dog could enjoy the thrills of 50 metre vertical drops and high velocity spiraling. Imagine the furballs and flying dribble. Sign us up!

2. Google Maps – Pokemon Challenge

As job listings go, this is one of the more adventurous. Google was looking for a Pokemon Master to roam around the world in the ultimate ‘test’. Google actually created a mini-game using Google Maps to locate the animated monsters. What could have been the world’s most sought after job could also have been one of the most awkward as you tried to explain that you’re late to the office because you’ve been electrocuted and head-butted by a plump yellow mouse.

1. Samsung – Fli-Fy

This could work…right guys? Pigeon-powered WiFi! Other than some outrageous but hilarious claims, Samsung’s Fli-Fy video was very convincing with its techy product descriptions and lab coat technicians. However, the day we strap internet-backpacks to little animals so that we can upload selfies will be a dark day. But then again, who knew pigeons were natural conductors of electricity?

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