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How to become an SEO Copywriter in 5 easy steps – 2017

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Content is one of the most important Google ranking factors. In recent years, there’s been a shift in the strategy of SEO copywriting, moving from keyword-focused content to natural and relevant content optimised for the reader. Most visitors will only spend 15 seconds or less reading your content, so it’s vital that it is concise and beneficial to them. As an SEO agency in Bournemouth, our copywriters are experts at crafting the perfect copy. Here are our tips to become an SEO copywriter in 5 easy steps:

  1. Establish potential readers and their voice before you start

Before you start writing anything, from website copy to blogs, it’s essential to establish who your potential readers are. Ask:

  • What are the demographics of your audience? What type of person are they?
  • What problems may your audience have that may lead them to your service/product?
  • How do they speak? Is it corporate or casual? Do they use technical terms?

Use this to create a voice to use consistently throughout the website. If a potential reader thinks the business is very corporate, but your copy is informal, they may not believe you’re reputable. Use the problems of the target market to produce informational copy and blog ideas.

  1. Make your content not just good, but great

Creating content purely for SEO or that can’t be optimised is pointless, it’s all about balance! Adding keywords in content should be a natural process. Avoid creating copy that’s waffle; you want to answer the questions the audience may have, not state the obvious.

  1. Optimise with keywords, internal links and headings

Add keywords naturally within your content; keyword stuffing is a big no! We recommend using at least 3 keywords within your copy, and if it’s a struggle, include them in your call to action if it flows. Internal links should also be used to lead users to other areas of your site, with roughly 1 link per 100 words. Splitting up your copy with headings and bullet points can make it easier to read and quicker to find information.

  1. Create a clickable headline

Various studies and our own research have led us to believe that the following headline techniques increase click through rates;

  • Incorporate a number, e.g. ‘5 Reasons to..’
  • Address your reader, e.g. ‘Why you need…’
  • Create a how to e.g. ‘How to become…’
  • Ask a question, e.g. ‘Do people read your content?’

Using long tail keywords as your title can be a great technique to get your copy to rank, as it’s worded exactly as a user will search!

  1. Follow a writing process for great content

SEO copywriters will understand the pressure to write amazing content within a certain time frame. The best advice we’ve ever taken is to break it down into a 3-step process. Start by preparing your ideas and the main points you want to include. Use the 5 Ws for each point and back each one up either as an opinion or with research.  Secondly, write as you would speak and try not to worry about how it sounds on paper; just expand on those ideas. Only once you’ve finished, go back to the beginning and put those ideas into sentences (and don’t forget to incorporate the correct voice!)

You should be a star SEO copywriter in no time with these 5 tips. Alternatively, we can create imaginative and informational copy for you. Get in touch to learn more about our SEO services by calling 01202 798820 or email hello@upperdog.co.uk.

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