AdWords Launches Callout Extensions for PPC Ads

More space for optimisation!

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Google has introduced callout extensions for the AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC) platform, which offer advertisers more space to present additional information about their products and services. The tight character limit of current AdWords ads will be extended by a further 25 characters, meaning advertisers can promote their brand and USPs without filling their ads with additional links.

Example callout extensions. Source: AdWords blog


Why callout extensions?

The purpose of the callout extension is to highlight what makes an advertiser different from their competitors, which in turn provides searchers with more information so that they can make a better purchase decision.

Callouts will be used as a factor in Ad Rank. Ads that feature ad extensions generally take priority over those that don’t so now is the time to get on board if you haven’t already.

AdWords has announced that they intend for callouts to be used with other ad extensions. For instance you could have a call extension with your phone number, and have a callout extension supporting it saying something like “available 24 hours a day.”

How do I set up callout extensions?

Over the next few weeks callout extensions will be available to all AdWords advertisers. There is no cost to set them up and you are charged the same way if someone clicks your ad.

Callouts can be setup in the Ad extensions tab and can be created at account, campaign or ad group level. You need to create at least two callouts for them to be eligible to show. Up to four callouts can show with your ad and you can set start and end dates alongside device preference. Find out more about call extensions here.

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