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6 Best Practice Tips for Your TikTok Ads

Jess Allen
Jess Allen Senior Account Executive
Social Ads
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Advertising on TikTok can be intimidating. With over 34 million videos posted per day, it’s almost impossible to cut through the noise. But TikTok has consistently proven to be effective for businesses across the world at driving sales, generating leads, and boosting reach. If you’re not using its power for good, your business may be missing out.

So, what are the best ways to ensure you’re reaching the right people and giving your ads the best chance at performing well? Here are 6 of our top best-practice tips to make sure your TikTok ads are working for you.

1.       Set Up TikTok Ads Pixel

As with any online advertising, one of the key features to take advantage of is proper tracking. TikTok Pixel is a piece of code to add to your website for sharing events with TikTok so you can accurately track and measure results from your ads, and better optimise in the future. The TikTok Ads Pixel can be set up manually, or through partners such as Shopify or Google Tag Manager. The TikTok Pixel is a key component to ensuring the results of your ads are accurate.

Not confident with setting up your TikTok ads and Pixel? Why not get in touch with a TikTok ads agency for help?

2.       Get to the Point

It’s true, attention spans are getting shorter. It’s been said by TikTok themselves that 90% of ad recall impact is captured within the first six seconds of a video. So, get to the point. Make sure your brand’s message, core offers, or hook are all clear within those first few seconds of your TikTok ads, or you might risk losing your core audience to that pesky scroll.

Keep your video length to 30 seconds or less for maximum effect. If you can go shorter, do!

3.       Update Your Creative Often

TikTok’s algorithm is a fast-moving river – users are scrolling through so quickly that it can be hard to hold on to their attention. As of May 2024, the average TikTok user is spending over 1.5 hours per day on the platform, meaning they’re likely seeing hundreds of videos per day. If you’re using the same creative for advertising on TikTok for extended periods of time, you risk ad fatigue, and users becoming frustrated with your brand.

Make sure you’re refreshing your TikTok ads creative for this reason. Remember, users want new, and they want it now.

Users love TikTok because it’s entertaining and it continuously serves them the content they love. Whether that’s fashion content, finance, humour, or educational, there are trends that transcend their niche. To make your advertising on TikTok work to your advantage, make sure you’re up to date with the current trends, including trending sounds, ad formats, hashtags and memes. But be careful! Users are savvy to brand tactics, and before you post a video that fits with a current trend, make sure it also feels authentic for your brand.

5.       Remember Your Audience

Think strategically about your core demographic and their thoughts, feelings, behaviours and interests so you can accurately put yourself in front of the right people at the right time. Make sure you’re testing different audiences for different stages of the funnel, including interest-based audiences as well as remarketing to current users for your TikTok ads. And if something doesn’t work, don’t panic! Try another angle or refresh your creative and try again. Remembering who your target audience are and what content they are interested in can save you an excess of time and money.

6.       Test, Test, Test

As with any social ads platform, testing your ads and trying new features and techniques is the key to success. If one ad or audience isn’t working, switch it up, change your budget, or try a new angle. If something is working well, then boost it!

It’s not enough to set up ads and let them run most of the time – measuring your results and analysing these for what connects your best performers is invaluable for bringing in more return for your ad spend.

Not sure on how best to measure your advertising on TikTok for your goals, or looking for guidance on the next step in your online marketing journey? Get in touch! We’re a strategic social & TikTok ads agency that helps your brand cut through the digital noise. Request an audit or call us on 01202 798820 to get started and find out more.

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