5 Gadgets We’ve Dug Up This Week

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In the Upperdog office, we’re constantly snooping about for the coolest stories around. Up-to-date with the latest tech crazes, we’ve uncovered 5 gadgets to keep you geared up for autumn.


Yonder (App, Free)

Just because summer is coming to a dreary end, doesn’t mean you should stop exploring the great outdoors. We’ve stumbled upon Yonder. Yonder is an app that will keep you in touch with your old friend Mother Nature, giving you free reign on the best locations to experience the optimum weekends outside. From camping to kayaking, biking to birding, grab the leash and go walkies! (Raincoats recommended).



Studio Design (App, Free)

We at Upperdog have a passion for all things design. Find the designer within and add that edge to your photos with Studio Design. Splash an array of shapes, text or filters over your images to conjure funky designs perfect for sharing with your friends and to use as badges, avatars or profile pictures. With plenty of fonts and formations available, let your imagination run wild.

Studio Design


Nymi (App + Gadget)

Introducing the most digitally-impressive find of the week – Nymi! We’re not entirely sure how to pronounce it, but that’s beside the point. Nymi is an ingenious little gadget that takes shape as an all-knowing wristband. By interpreting your heartbeat as your unique fingerprint, Nymi stores and accesses your everyday security without the need for passwords or keys. Once you’ve authenticated Nymi, sensors allow you to unlock your phone, car and even your home. A quick swipe or gesture with the wristband and you’re good to go.



Foursquare (App, update)

Got burrito cravings? Maybe noodles? A pizza-burger? Thought so. Foursquare’s latest app update allows you to sniff out your tummy’s desire with its new menu-targeting feature. With 500,000 restaurants and diners and over 43 million meals at a fingertip’s reach, satisfying that craving has never been easier; all you have to do is make up your mind. Foursquare have also added a filter to make the process even easier, covering all your dietary needs.



Sympler (App, Free)

This year, video apps have dominated the smartphone scene, particularly the big dogs Vine and Instagram. Sympler lets you combine the best of these worlds. Take your Vine, mash it with your Instagram clip, throw in a soundtrack and tinker the timing to produce your very own masterpiece. Easy to navigate and dangerously addictive, Sympler is an app that would get even Spielberg’s tail wagging.



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