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4 tips to grow your social following

Annabel Clark
Annabel Clark Marketing Director
Social Ads
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As a digital agency in Bournemouth, we recognise the importance of social media marketing. For some businesses, a growing social media following is integral for spreading awareness and reaching potential customers. To help, we’ve compiled 4 tips for growing your social media presence and following.

  1. Fill in your profile

If there’s one thing to learn from providing social media services and digital marketing, it’s that every little helps. Although it may seem like there are a million of blank white boxes you’re supposed to fill in, there aren’t that many, and it really can pay off! People don’t want to follow a page that looks half empty or unfinished, so try to fill in every part of each social network’s profile page that applies to you or your business. It will boost your credibility. Your online presence may give new visitors a first impression that’s professional enough for them to follow you.

  1. Remain active and consistent

Being consistent is key. If your social media presence suddenly drops off the face of the earth for a while, you run the risk of being quickly forgotten, and in the sphere of chaos that we call the internet, this isn’t a risk you’ll want to take. If you keep providing consistently entertaining or interesting content, you can stand out from the rest.

  1. #integrate yourself

Standing at the outside of the circle won’t get you seen by those inside. You have to involve yourself with the area you aim to develop your social presence in. A good way of doing this is by using hashtags in your post, and searching those hashtags too. This will take you straight to the people and organisations that are most relevant to you and talking about topics you’re interested in.

  1. Communicate

People like to feel involved, so it’s always good to involve them! For example, if someone leaves a review of your business on a social network such as Facebook, reply to them. Not only will the reviewer see your response, but typically, anyone visiting your page will see it too. This shows that you are active and care about your customers and followers.

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