4 Super Social Updates

There's no stopping social

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Keeping your finger on the social media pulse can be tricky. With each week bringing new updates however, it’s important to stay ‘in the know’. As a social media agency in Bournemouth, we feel it’s time to share some of the latest scoops on all things social. Here are 4 brand new updates to explore!

  1. Instagram all grown-up

Instagram is known for all things fun and light-hearted. The photo platform’s latest addition however is a brand new business function. Whilst this update allows businesses to add a ‘Call’ or ‘Directions’ button to their profile, companies can now monitor the success of that precious dog photo through analytics. As a web design agency priding itself on cute images of Milo, we think this is huge!

  1. Facebook following the leader

It seems all social media platforms have jumped on the Snapchat bandwagon somehow. Facebook’s latest addition gives users an easily accessible camera tool where they can edit photos and apply ‘unique’ filters. Did someone say de ja vu?


  1. Leading the way with Lead Gen

As a digital agency in Bournemouth, we’re always filling out personal information boxes. Luckily, LinkedIn’s latest update includes the addition of Lead Gen Forms. This new tool saves you bundles of time when filling out your personal details by gathering your name, email and job data automatically. Not only does this give your keyboard a rest, it makes subscribing to that e-book or website a lot easier!

  1. “Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?”

Always one for trail-blazing the most exciting technology, Snapchat now allows users to customise reality. The platform’s latest update sees a rejuvenation of its filter tool, giving users the option of 3D filters to go with that overused puppy face!


So there you have it! Now it’s time to go and explore these social secrets! For support with digital marketing in Bournemouth, including web design services, AdWords management and SEO services, call Upperdog on 01202 798 820 or email hello@upperdog.co.uk.