4 New Google AdWords PPC Updates

The latest Google Adwords Updates of June 2017

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There have been some exciting new announcements from Google in the past few weeks. Our AdWords specialists at Upperdog are here to give you the rundown on the most important updates to AdWords services.

  1. In-Market Audiences for Search Campaigns

Similar to In-Market audiences for Display or Remarketing campaigns, Google will soon let advertisers reach users who are ready to purchase products and services in Search Campaigns. You will be able to show your advert to potential buyers with the help of “machine learning” data from users past searches and website activity.

This is great new feature for Google AdWords management, as your advert will only show to those wanting to purchase your product or service – rather than those researching a broader topic.

  1. Life Event Targeting

Google will also be tracking recent online activity to find consumers who have experienced a recent ‘Life Event’, such as buying a new home, getting married or having a baby. For example, if a user has been spending a lot of time on mums.net or pampers.com, they may be the ideal target for your AdWords campaign for a new range of baby wear!

  1. Automatic Best Ad

As a digital marketing agency in Bournemouth, we know that even the smallest change in an advert message can make all the difference. Google plan to use their AI data to predicts user’s preferences and present them with the best advert copy, depending on text variations, pricing information or a selection of products.

  1. Ad Rank Thresholds

PPC adverts need to meet a minimum Ad Rank threshold to appear on the first page of results.  But now two changes to the Ad Rank Threshold may have a significant impact on PPC management. Firstly, the meaning of the query will now impact how difficult it will be to rank for a term. For example, a hot topic or news event will have a much higher threshold than a search for a product.

The second change that is currently rolling out is the Maximum Cost per Click will now be more important than Quality score. This is a blow to all those AdWords consultants who have carefully nurtured our ad copy and landing pages to create the best user experience. Now you really must put your money where your mouth is!

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