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4 of the Best 2017 Valentine’s Day Campaigns

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Whether you’re diving into that big tub of Ben and Jerry’s or enjoying a candle-lit cuisine this Valentine’s Day, you can be sure the world of marketing is spreading the love. Here are Upperdog’s top 4 favourite Valentine’s Day campaigns that are certain to leave your heart well and truly warmed.

5885c98c1c00002d00d93a511. Lush are showing the love

The world could use a little more compassion right now. This year the ever-ethical Lush Cosmetics has taken to social media to showcase another issue close to its heart: same-sex relationships. Using the hashtag “Love is Love” on social media, the cosmetic giant is sharing positive images of intimacy from same-sex couples in a bid to rid the world of prejudice.

festive-feast-high-res-image-e14793941951182. The way to your heart is through your stomach

Valentine’s Day 2017 marks an arguably larger event, Subway’s Customer Appreciation Day. Whilst showing they know the way to their customers’ hearts, today Subway are offering a free six-inch sandwich when you purchase any dispensed drink. If you’re feeling glum this Valentine’s Day, the people of Subway have your back (and your stomach!)

3. A meal for all…

With a mission to end world hunger by 2030, you can be sure The Hunger Project are the ultimate opportunist when it comes to campaigning. This Valentine’s Day, the organisation has reserved tables in Australia’s top restaurants and is auctioning them off to the highest bidder. With all proceeds going to projects in Africa, this campaign teaches a heart-warming lesson in global love.

4. Give away your kidney this Valentine’s Day

If you’re not ready to give away your heart to someone just yet, why not settle for a kidney? This year’s campaign from NHS Blood and Transplant once again takes a comical approach to kidney donation through encouraging donations from living donors. Titled Better Left Unsaid, this genius video is certain to get its message across this Valentine’s Day.

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